Wargame Links

Bedford GladiatorsBedford\'s wargames club.Listy
Pike and Shot SocietyThe society for wargamers interested in "renaissance" warfare (1400 to 1720).Simon B
The Society of AncientsThe society for wargamers interested in ancient and medieval warfare.Simon B
General Local Interest
Cambridge OnlineOnline guide to Cambridge. (Replaced the cambridge search engine)Admin
Online stores
Arcane GamingOnline retailer (based close to cambridge) of wargames, rpgs, board games, computer games and Toys!!! Free delivery on orders over £40 to club members. Simply email info@arcane-gaming.com with a list of products and an invoice will be sent out. Cash payable on delivery!!!!!!!! System
Online Stores
Amazon MinaturesA company that allows us to playtest their rules, and gives us a 10% discount. Admin
BauedaBaueda is a developer and online retailer of fine tabletop wargame accessories. 20% discount for club members.Admin
Middle Earth Trading PostOnline retailer of Sabertooth Games LotR TMG (Lord of the Rings Tradeable Miniatures Game) and Star Wars Clone StrikeAdmin
Retail Stores
GamersSt. Neots based store selling a selection of boardgames, card games, RPGs, CMGs and computer games. Also offer online ordering. Andy
DBMMThe site for the DBMM rulesSimon B


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